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In the contemporary history of our country intensive growth and improvement of the qualitative and technological help to the patients with diseases of cardiovascular system is distinctly traced. For the last 8-12 years volume of operations in newborns and babies with critical and congenital heart diseases has increased  10 times, the number of operations with artificial blood circulation has increased from 10000 to 43000, coronary interventions and chrezkozhny coronary interventions from 1000 to 52000. The number of implantations of electropacemakers has  increased three times.

Our successful 13-year experience of hosting TCT Russia - XIV Moscow's International Course on endovascular diagnostics and treatment  on the basis of Bakoulev Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery has led to growth and quality improvement of high-tech aid to patients with coronary problems.

The participants of TCT Russia - XIV Moscow's international course on endovascular diagnostics and treatment will enjoy a comprehensive and tailor-made programme.

We are confident that the course will become a forum for scientific discussions, sharing of experience, setting up partnerships, learning about innovations and modern medicines in the area of development and broader application of endovascular methods of diagnostics and treatment.

We are grateful to all the sponsors of the event whose assistance and contribution have made it possible to hold the Congress for all these 13 years!


President of Russian Association of
Cardiovascular Surgeons 

 Leo A.Bockeria


President of Russian Association of

 Viktor S. Savelyev


President of Russian Scientific Society of Endovascular Therapies

 Bagrat G.Alekyan


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XV Moscow's International Course on Endovascular Therapies

07 November

We invite you to participate in the TCT Russia - XV Moscow's International Course on Endovascular Therapies. The course will be held in Moscow on June 9-11, 2013.

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